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Colorado Visiting Nurse Association Presents

Heart Speak: An Equine Grief Journey of Healing


Saturday, June 3, 2023

9:00am – 3:00pm

Zuma's Rescue Ranch, Littleton, CO



New Moon Meditation with Horses

Zuma's Rescue Ranch, Littleton, CO

9:00 – 10:30am


The New Moon signifies New Beginnings. Using your intuition as a guide, this is the time for setting new intentions for what you would like to blossom into being next.

Join me for a unique and transformative New Moon Meditation with Horses. This experience is designed to help you connect with nature, release stress and anxiety, and tap into your inner wisdom.

Meditation in the presence of horses (and donkeys) is a magical experience that will help you tune into what you need next to feel more whole, abundant, and authentically in alignment with the true you in your life, work & relationships.

During the meditation, you will be guided through a series of breathing exercises and visualization techniques while surrounded by the peaceful energy of our horses. This will be a grounding and rejuvenating experience that will help you align your mind, body, and spirit with the energy of the new moon.

No previous experience with horses or meditation is necessary. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to connect with nature and yourself.

Spaces are limited, so be sure to register early to reserve your spot.

I look forward to sharing this magical experience with you.

Sunday, May 21


Sunday, June 25


Sunday, July 23


Sunday, August 20


Sunday, September 17


Sunday, October 15


Full Moon Equus Workshops for Women

Zuma's Rescue Ranch, Littleton, CO

9am – 4pm

Calling all women seeking transformation and connection! Join me for one or more of my series of Full Moon Equus Coaching Workshops where you’ll experience the powerful synergy between horses and the lunar energy. 

The Full Moon is associated with connecting, being visible, and culmination. Everything is illuminated during the full moon phase. It's time to celebrate your successes and show gratitude for what's going well, and letting go of what's not working.

These workshops are all about helping you tap into the power of horses to transform your life – all while keeping it real, releasing what’s not working, without bullsh*t. With the herd of amazing horses at Zuma’s Rescue Ranch, personalized coaching, and plenty of humor and heart, I’ll help you unleash your full potential and create the life you deserve. Join me for a transformative day of connection, reflection, inspiration, and support.

In June and October, I will be joined by Reiki Master, Charmaine Stattman for Energy & Equus. Charmaine is a professional self love practitioner. Her path in offering Reiki, guided meditation, medical intuition, intuitive readings, and yoga to community continues on a passionate and magical trajectory. Receiving from Charmaine is not just about the service experienced. She is deeply passionate about nurturing and connecting to humans, animals, plants, and Mother Earth. She is deeply grateful to have touched so many lives through the power of energy work.

At each of these one-day workshops you will learn how to…

  • Trust your inner wisdom
  • Quiet your self-saboteurs
  • Release what is holding you back
  • Make connections with like minded women
  • Strength gained from group support

There is no riding involved. All activities with the horses takes place on the ground.

Only 6 spots available for each workshop to ensure a rich, transformational experience for all.

$299 includes snacks, beverages and lunch.

June 5

Energy & Equus: With Reiki Master, Charmaine Stattman

July 3

Empowerment and Self-Discovery: For Sober Curious Women

August 7

Nurturing Your Mind, Body & Soul: For Women Caregivers

September 4

From Surviving to Thriving: For Women Cancer Survivors

October 2

Energy & Equus: With Reiki Master, Charmaine Stattman

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