Say “Enough” to Drinking: A 30 Day Program of Renewal


Have you hit “rock bottom”? 

Maybe you don’t have to. 

Perhaps, you’ve just had enough

Enough of the hideous hangovers. Enough of the nagging regrets. Enough of the awful shame.


You may be drinking for any number of reasons.  Maybe it helps you feel better in social settings, like you’re part of the group. Like when you go out for drinks after work or meet your girlfriends on Friday night. Maybe it helps you unwind, like when you  come home from a long day at work and you’re exhausted. Or perhaps the kids have been screaming all day and you just need a break. Perhaps it’s a coping tool. It helps you calm down when you’re feeling anxious or it curbs your appetite when you want to reach for the chips. 

It may have started innocently enough, but now you find yourself drinking more than you’d like to, and even though you want to, you can’t seem to do anything to change it. It feels like you’ve been hijacked by alcohol. It feels like you’ve lost control.


Do any of these sound familiar?  

My guess is you’ve tried to control your drinking in the past. 

  • Maybe you’ve tried switching to beer or wine. This works for a day or two but then you realize you’re drinking even more, for the same effect. You finally give up and go back to your cocktail of choice.
  • Maybe you’ve tried telling yourself in the morning that you’re not going to drink that night, and yet, by the end of the day you can’t remember what the big deal was. You feel fine, why not have a glass of wine? (Except, if you drink anything like I did, one glass of chardonnay didn’t cut it. Not even one bottle would cut it most nights).
  • Or perhaps you’ve tried laying off for a couple of weeks until the memory of the last mess you made fades away. Even though you feel so much better, you didn’t really intend to quit, so you’re back at it – until the next time you fuck things up again.

The problem with these approaches is it’s all too easy to let the old patterns and habits take over when you hit a bump in the road, are tired or stressed or when you let your guard down. If you’re like so many people who struggle with this, you may start spiraling into thoughts like “I can’t control my drinking” and “I can’t quit.” And then you’ll most likely make those thoughts mean something very negative about yourself. This of course creates, again, the idea that you need relief, you start feeling anxious and you just want to pour yourself a drink. It just makes matters worse. And, if you’re trying to figure this out on your own, it makes it all that much harder. 

A Different Choice

What does work, is making a different choice. Making the choice to admit to yourself and to someone else that you have a problem. Changing patterns and beliefs, like thinking you need more willpower, are hard, but getting support to do it and making small changes, day by day, really makes an impact. Having a desire to drink is harmless. When you obey your desire is when it becomes harmful. And I should know. I quit drinking over ten years ago. Before, I started drinking every afternoon at 4:00 and was drunk by 5:30. I remember my hands shaking so badly in the morning that I couldn’t draw on my eyeliner. 

During my first coaching session, Nancy helped me in seeing things from a different lens – I couldn’t believe I learned so much.

~ Susan, Colorado

Look, I know change can feel scary. Even admitting that there might be a problem can be terrifying.

That’s why I created this program – to help other women who are suffering with the same thing I did and don’t know what to do. This program combines private coaching with practices that will help you build the confidence to not drink today, and to put you and your sobriety first. As women, we have a tendency to put everyone and everything else in our lives first. We think that if we put ourselves first we’re selfish. This is just nothing short of bullshit. Living alcohol-free is a proud choice. It’s a bold move to remove something from your life that’s no longer serving you.


Saying ‘Enough’

In this program, we’ll challenge your old patterns and beliefs, and I’ll help you replace them with practices that will empower you and give you the results you desire. You’ll understand why your previous attempts to control your drinking didn’t work, mostly because you underestimated what it really takes to change. By getting help, you make a promise to yourself and have someone to help you keep that commitment.

This program is designed to help you learn to put your needs first, (you know the drill – put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others). It’s also designed to help you understand that quitting drinking isn’t a curse and to help you determine if long term recovery is something you really want.

As a hardworking, professional woman, I have ignored my well-being for decades. Nancy helped me recognize patterns and shift behaviors so that I can live a far healthier life without any guilt of actually taking the time to take care of myself. Nancy is an extraordinary listener who is truly committed to the health and well-being of others. She has an arsenal of practices that can make big differences and offers support permanently creating positive change in your life. Work with her!

~ Beth, Colorado

Who This Program Is For

This program is for you if:

  • Your life feels insane and exhausting
  • When you’re not drinking, you’re thinking about drinking
  • “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” isn’t always a joke
  • You lie and make excuses about your drinking, even to yourself
  • You wishfully think “Maybe it’s just a phase” 
  • You think if you stop drinking that you’ll never have fun again. 
  • You’re worried about what people will say if you decide to quit drinking

Who This Program Isn’t For

This program isn’t for everyone. 

Some people aren’t ready to say they’ve had enough, and that’s OK. I recognize that, and want you to too.This program probably isn’t right for you if you:

  • Have no desire to quit drinking for any length of time
  • Think you can do this by yourself and don’t need anyone to help you
  • Aren’t willing to explore what’s behind your drinking

Have You Had Enough?

This 30 day coaching program has been especially created for women who want to take at least a 30 day break to look at their drinking and get an idea of what living without alcohol can look like. Together, we’ll uncover what’s behind your drinking and what you want out of life instead. 

We’ll talk weekly and you’ll get a daily check-in via text from me during this time. This program is designed to help you put together more than a few days or a few weeks without drinking. It will also help you understand that quitting drinking isn’t a curse and give you the opportunity to decide if long term recovery is something you really want.

Nancy provided coaching during a challenging time in my life. She listened and shared insight to help me gain perspective. Working with Nancy was amazing! I will be forever grateful.

~ Phebe, California

Program Benefits

With commitment and intention, you can start to see changes in your life. You will.

  • Learn that it’s possible  to stay sober
  • Lose the obsession to drink
  • Learn tools to use when you are faced with a desire to drink
  • Uncover the thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you stuck while developing new techniques to change them
  • Begin to handle situations and emotions without numbing out with alcohol
  • Begin to feel more confident, motivated and focused
  • Start healing your mind, body and spirit.

I created this program to provide women with a special opportunity that I wish was available when I started questioning my drinking. I desperately wanted to know that I wasn’t alone. I needed a support structure when I first began to notice that my drinking was getting out of control, but I wasn’t ready to admit that I was addicted to alcohol. If I had a coach guiding me through what I now know were limiting thoughts and beliefs about my drinking, myself and my life, I may not have had to hit my rock bottom.

Meet Your Coach

I’m a Certified Wayfinder Life Coach through Martha Beck, Inc. as well as a Certified Mind-Body-Eating Coach through The Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Since becoming a coach, I’ve coached many clients, as well as family and friends, helping each of them bring transformational change to their lives. 

During my 37 years in the business world, I was continually sought out as a mentor for colleagues and team members. Prior to becoming a Life Coach, I spent 14 years in the kitchen & bath design field and 23 years in the energy industry. The downturn of each led to the other. Both careers helped me develop the many skills of being organized, paying attention to detail, planning, the ability to visualize, and creating strategies that continue to serve me and my clients in my coaching business.

Through the pain of the challenging and life changing events of getting sober and surviving cancer, I became acutely aware that life is short. I recognized my purpose and I started training to become a Life Coach in 2017 when I turned 60.

While I’ve never been one to ask “why me?” the answer certainly would be to use my journey, of over-drinking, getting sober and finding my inner strength to change my life, to help other women, who are suffering, to face their challenges and make the changes they want in their lives.

Program Details

  • Four 50 minute coaching calls 

We’ll meet once a week by phone or over the computer. We’ll discuss what’s happening with you, what’s getting in your way and where your focus can be shifted. I’ll give you assignments to keep you moving forward.

  • Daily check-in texts for additional support and accountability. 

This is important because when you first stop drinking, it’s critical to maintain close communication with someone who is not only compassionate, but will also support your commitment and challenge your thoughts.

  • Emergency telephone and email support 

This is perfect for more urgent and in depth questions or concerns like: What to do when shit happens (and it will), or you have a strong craving, (and you will). You don’t have to feel alone in those moments. I’m here for you. 

  • My eBook: Have You Had “Enough?” – 5 Ways to Handle Your Fear When You Want to Stop Drinking

This ebook is a great little guide to help you kick fear to the curb!!

  • Resource List – 

I’ll send you a list of the books that have been the most helpful to me, and so many others in the recovery community, so that you can have these useful resources at your fingertips.

Price: $380 USD

 I’m here for you when you’re ready…

If you think you’ve had enough, I invite you to choose you, once and for all. See what getting support for 30 days feels like….

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