The Retreat


Experience the intuitive power of horses to transform your life


APRIL 27 – 30, 2023


Sonoita, Arizona

Are you a woman on a path of self-discovery; ready to show up more fully for yourself and stand in your own power?

Then join us at the luxurious Apache Springs Ranch in Arizona for THE not-to-be-missed retreat where you’ll experience the magic of horses, the healing power of nature and discover your own inner wisdom.

We see you. You are a strong, capable woman who has spent much of your life caring for those you love. You tend to put everyone else first. Chances are, you’ve lost sight of yourself – your needs and desires. And that's why you've been on the path of self-discovery. Because you're not really sure what the hell it is that you want out of life. You may be sandwiched between your kids and aging parents, you may be trying to juggle a career, volunteering, or community causes. It seems everyone is vying for your attention. You’re ready for a change and you’re ready to invest the time to discover what you really want out of life. 

It’s your turn.

The Refresh Your Spirit Retreat offers you a safe environment to explore what’s working and what isn’t – without judgment. You’ll have the space to set aside your daily responsibilities and devote time to learn about what lights you up. You’ll develop your inner wisdom, so that you can move forward trusting your intuition.

Connect with a horse and discover your authentic nature.

Explore with us at the luxurious Apache Springs Ranch in Arizona

for a unique retreat experience.



  • In need of a change in your career, relationship, life?
  • Craving the freedom to totally, soulfully reconnect with yourself?
  • Proud of your accomplishments – and you're ready to shake things up a bit?
  • Eager to learn new tools to explore what's next?
  • Looking for support in a safe, non-judgmental space?
  • Ready to be inspired?
  • Excited for more fun and joy in your life?

We've got your back!

We invite you to join our intimate group of authentic, amazing women as we help you explore what's possible for you! All engagement with the horses is on the ground. There is no riding and no previous horse experience is required.

Come away with:

  • Knowing how to tap into your body wisdom
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Experiencing small shifts that will lead to big changes
  • Powerful insights from 1:1 coaching
  • Newfound courage gained as a result of allowing yourself to be vulnerable
  • Joy of giving voice to your Wildly Audacious Dreams
  • The immense benefits of showing up authentically
  • A rested mind, body, and spirit
  • Connections made with like-minded women
  • Resources to support you on your journey
  • Strength gained from group support


Apache Springs Ranch has been created to provide the ultimate, world class experience for Equine Facilitated Learning.

Due to their high level of sensitivity, horses are kind, honest, and gentle teachers that are acutely aware of our internal emotional states. They can offer us a safe environment to consciously reconnect with our suppressed needs, our genuine emotions, and the patterns we bring to our relationships.

We are joining together with a team of very wise horses for a chance to be in community, play, laugh and support you as you embrace the next chapter of your own journey.

No horse experience is required and all engagement with the horses takes place on the ground.


Nancy McKay, Equus Coach®, Master Facilitator

I began changing my life after getting sober in 2009 and being diagnosed and treated for ovarian cancer in 2015. I know that transformation is possible no matter what age we are and I love sharing my experience and helping women who are ready to discover their own inner wisdom so they can change their lives.

Everything is way more fun with friends and I am so delighted to be co-facilitating this retreat with three of my favorite herd mates, and Certified Equus Coaches®, Cynde Seale, Dede Deane and Kathy Barrett.

I live in Lakewood, Colorado with my husband, Jimmy and our two rescued Westies.

Cynde Seale

Certified Equus Coach®

Tyler, Texas

Kathy Barrett

Certified Equus Coach®

Winter Springs, Florida

Dede Deane

Certified Equus Coach®

Lakewood, Colorado


Apache Springs Ranch, located in Sonoita, Arizona is nestled in the high-desert wilderness of the Santa Rita Mountains, deep inside the Coronado National Forest. It is ideally suited as a gathering place to reconnect with ourselves, nature and each other. A truly magical location for healing and renewal.


The guest rooms are located in one of two guest wings in the 6,000 square foot conference center.

Each wing of this fabulous space has six rustic, beautifully restored private stable rooms with a Queen iron bed, luxurious linens, a writing desk, and a large picture window, along with three full bathrooms with showers.

These rooms share a spacious living area with comfy sofas, dining table, cozy kitchen, fridge, microwave and sink.


 Feed your soul with farm to table cuisine, lovingly prepared by Chef, Denise Purvis …. 



Equus Coaching® is an opportunity for you to work with a horse (on the ground-no riding) to gain a tangible, physical understanding of your own energy and the ways your inner dialogue impacts all areas of your life.

Why Partner with Horses?

Well, horses simply do not lie! Horses are herd animals and because of their inherent gentle nature and curiosity they seek connection, even with people. Horses reflect the truth of the present moment. As such, they mirror back to you the variations of the ripple effect your energy is having on them and others in their surrounding environment. So, if you are less than authentic, the horse is less likely to connect with you. Conversely, if you are willing and truthful with your feelings, the horse is drawn to you and your energy.

What Can I Get Out of  Equus Coaching®?

In partnership with the horses, as Equus Coaches®, we will guide you on a profound and personal journey to explore and discover your true nature. You will have the opportunity to gain clarity and awareness of the patterns that shape how you show up in the world.

comfort zone

“My experience with Nancy and her equine coaching was transformative. I walked in, anxious and doubtful about myself and my direction. I walked out, tall, assured with a renewed sense of optimism and determination. Nancy is a phenomenal coach. I shared some deeply personal things with her, and she received those with love. Through her guidance I rediscovered and more importantly appreciated/honored my core, my essence, myself.  ~Arezou

“I had an incredible experience, I will even say it was life-changing, when I did an equine coaching session with Nancy. I have always loved horses (though I did not know a lot about them) and believe whole heartedly that self-growth is invaluable, but I did not know what exactly to expect. Nancy immediately put me at ease by guiding me through some questions which helped me figure out my goal for the session. Then, as she introduced me to the horses, explaining how their intuitive natures could help me to cut through the muck in my mind and allow me to speak my truth, the enlightenment began to unfold before me. I cannot put into words how empowering the experience was and how much I am looking forward to working with Nancy and the horses again.” ~Amy


“My time with Nancy and her equine coaching was powerful for me. My focuses on self-love, trust, and forgiveness were met with a wave of emotion through Nancy's gentle guidance and the horse's motions. Nancy was kind and persistent, not letting me give up on the nuggets of undeniable truth.  My time in the round pen renewed my soul.  ~Kathi


What's Included:

  • Private room with queen bed and shared bathroom with one guest
  • All meals beginning with the Welcome Dinner on Thursday night and concluding with the departure lunch on Sunday.
  • 1:1 Equus Coaching
  • Group Equus Coaching Activities
  • Drum circle
  • Meditative walks in the “Man in the Maze” labyrinth
  • Plenty of time to reflect and process in nature

What isn’t included:

  • Your airfare (fly into Tucson International Airport)
  • Transportation to and from Apache Springs Ranch

Agenda Summary:

Day One:
Arrive at Apache Springs Thursday afternoon (fly into Tucson)

Welcome Dinner Thursday evening


Day Two:
Introduction to Equus Coaching

1:1 Equus Coaching

Group Activity

On your own time


Day Three:

1:1 Equus Coaching

Group Activity

On your own time


Day Four:
Meditate with the horses

Farewell Lunch & Closing Circle



or 3 payments of $993

Save when you register with a friend ~ $5000 for two!

**Registration Deadline is March 27, 2023**

Space is limited to 12 participants to ensure a rich, transformational experience for all.

No horse experience is required. All engagement with the horses takes place on the ground.

Concerned about Covid-19?

We understand. You’re safety is a high priority. Thus we are taking precautions in order to gather safely:

  • Your group size will not exceed more than 12 participants. 
  • Meals will be indoors unless weather permits outside dining.
  • You’re welcome to wear a mask if you prefer and we’ll be able to easily create distance as needed
  • If you face the unfortunate event of becoming sick with covid-19 leading up to this event, we will make every effort to apply your retreat fee to a future program or virtual coaching support by Nancy McKay.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the costly, non-refundable nature of reserving venues for various events, and the limited spaces available in workshops and retreats, a cancellation made 60 days or less from the dates of an event is non-refundable. Fifty percent of the event fee will be refunded for a cancellation made between 90 to 61 days prior to a scheduled event. Any cancellation made 91 days prior to a scheduled event is fully refundable minus an administrative processing fee.

Cancellation made between January 28 – February 27, will result in a loss of 50% of the trip price.  Cancellation made after February 27, 2023 will result in a total loss of funds.

Amazing Outlook Coaching reserves the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum; if we do so, your payment is refunded in full.  This decision will be made by March 28, 2023.

Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended; we suggest Travel Guard Insurance, which has several policy options.

Please note that should an issue or challenge arise due to Covid-19 (either with travel restrictions or health matter) we will make every effort to apply your payment as a credit to a future retreat program.


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