My Coaching Philosophy

Working with women who have lost their spark is what lights me up. I help women who wonder “is this all there is?” discover that it’s never too late to find their passion and joy.

Women who are biding their time until something better comes along or are just not satisfied with the way their lives are unfolding may have difficulty feeling joy.  They think that it’s simply too late to make a new start. Maybe the kids have gone off to college or have started their own lives. Maybe they want to quit the job they hate but don’t know what the hell to do next.  Sound familiar? It did to me – but not anymore!

Life Coaching is about finding what lights YOU up.  I will guide you with humor, compassion and honesty through the processes that I’ve learned including deep inquiry, how to listen to your body and challenge your limiting beliefs that have dampened your spirit.  We’ll discover what your unique gifts are and how you can share them with the world. Our work together will empower you to find your passion and purpose.  I will teach you the tools I’ve learned that have helped me get excited about life again.

I work with my clients either over the phone or by Zoom, so your location is not an issue.  I encourage my clients to schedule weekly appointments to maintain momentum which also reflects the commitment they’ve made to themselves and to the work.

If you would like to find your amazing outlook ~ work with me to find out how!

Give me a call or click the button below to schedule a free 20 minute mini-session!

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