She Thought She Could, So She Did.


Hi! My name is Nancy McKay 

I believe that you can’t be courageous without first being vulnerable. 

My Personal Street Cred…

When I started questioning my drinking, I desperately wanted to know that I wasn’t alone. I needed a support structure when I first began to notice that my drinking was getting out of control, but I wasn’t ready to quit drinking. If I had a coach guiding me through what I now know were limiting thoughts and beliefs about my drinking and my life, I may not have had to hit my rock bottom.

A really bad day…

Friday the 13th of March, 2009 was a really bad day, which pretty much ended with a bang. Thank God my lack of skills with a gun prevented me from killing myself.  I realized that my drinking had become unpredictable. I thought my life was over and I would never have fun again. What I soon learned was I was standing at the intersection of desperation and grace.

The birthday gift I didn’t want…

In 2015, on my 58th birthday I was diagnosed with Stage 1C ovarian cancer.  During chemo, I lost my hair but I found something so much more important – my inner strength

My perspective changed and I realized that if I wanted something different in my life it was up to me to make the necessary changes. I began training for my new career in 2017. 


My Coaching Credentials

I’m a Certified Wayfinder Life Coach through Martha Beck, Inc., a Certified Equus Coach® through Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching®, as well as a Certified Mind-Body-Eating Coach through The Institute for the Psychology of Eating. These intensive training programs have given me the tools to effectively and compassionately help women face their challenges. I partner with my clients to bring transformational change to their lives. 

drugs, What’s up with all the dragonflies?

I love dragonflies.  They are beautiful and graceful and I love the transparency of their wings. They are my spirit animal primarily because they represent transformation.

I help women transform their lives by looking at what’s holding them back, keeping them stuck. Everything starts with mindset. Our beliefs are created by thinking the same thoughts over and over.  So whether your concern is drinking too much or your weight or any other challenges, our work together will focus on your thoughts. If you are willing to take an honest look at yourself, you will see changes in your life. 

Dragonfly Wisdom

The dragonfly symbolizes wisdom, change, transformation, light and adaptability in life. It shows up in people’s lives to remind them that they need to bring a lightness and joy to their life. Is your drinking or some other coping tool (food, drugs, gambling, Netflix) preventing you from showing up in your life fully?

The dragonfly is also a symbol of the “realm of emotions” from joy and happiness to melancholy, sadness, anger, jealousy and all of the other emotions. Are you numbing out instead of allowing yourself to “feel all the feels?”

Dragonfly Insights & Inspiration

Dragonflies are considered a symbol of transformation because of the way they grow. They are born in the water and begin to grow there, but then they move into the air and learn to fly. Dragonflies also have incredible flight patterns and are able to change their direction of flight quickly without much effort. They look effortless as they glide and fly through the air.

This is meant to inspire and motivate people to be flexible and adaptable in the situations that they come across in life. Is your favorite addiction reducing your flexibility and adaptability? For me, it was difficult to participate in anything unless alcohol was involved at some point.

A person who has the dragonfly as their spirit animal or totem will be most inclined to delve into their emotions and show their truest colors. This person will also tend to keep a light positive outlook even when things look grim and dark.

When a person feels stuck in a situation or needs to find a new perspective then they should call on the dragonfly spirit animal and the dragonfly power.

So, from the significance of feeling stuck in my relationship with alcohol to naming my company, Amazing Outlook Coaching, I have called on the dragonfly power to inspire and motivate me to transform my life.

That’s why you’ll see dragonflies whenever you see me!

Why I Do What I Do…

Out of Pain, Comes My Purpose

My experience with alcohol and cancer, together with the valuable training I’ve received, gives me the expertise, compassion and skill to guide my clients on their journey of exploration and empowerment.

I am honored to be a contributing author to the Ready to Fly Anthology – Volume 3 and have made my speaking debut in 2020. Sharing my story inspires others to explore what’s standing in their way. We all face different circumstances in life. How we deal with them is our choice.

I have served on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance since 2018.

Last Tidbits

My mantra is, I didn’t get sober and survive cancer to be miserable. I have found my voice, sometimes to my husband’s chagrin! I’m a feisty Irish/Scottish woman of a certain age who has the tendency to talk like a sailor (I used to drink like one.) I’m a feminist, a fairly moderate liberal, and I vote. I wear a bracelet that states “Wake Up-Kick Ass-Repeat” which I try to live up to. Most days I do, sometimes I don’t. 

But that’s life—one step at a time. Progress not perfection.

I love hanging out with our two rescued Westies, Maggie and Tommy. My husband, Jimmy, and I have been together since 1997.

Your Life. Your Choice.

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