That Hopeless Feeling

“If you’re going through Hell, keep going” ~ Winston Churchill

Are you feeling hopeless?

Not that we aren't being giving an extreme reason right now, what with the COVID-19 and all, I suspect everyone has a smidgen of, at least helplessness, going on right now. If you're feeling hopeless, it's more important than ever to stay connected, even at a distance, with your friends and family.

If you are feeling hopeless and depressed, isolating and not reaching out for help will only send you deeper down the pit of despair. I know, I’ve been there.

I’ve had bouts of depression most of my life. Generally, I’m a positive and upbeat woman with a great sense of humor and salty language. But there have been times where my depression was overwhelming. Even in sobriety.

You can read where my depression takes me, here

Here’s what I've done to take care of myself – I found a great therapist and a psychiatrist to prescribe the necessary anti-depressants I need to stay out of the pit. I found a coach to help me look forward, while my therapist helped me deal with my past.

Depression is nothing to fuck around with…

The stigma around mental illness is alive and well, dammit, and hopefully, by sharing my story of not only alcoholism, but also depression and attempted suicide, I can help someone feel not so alone and hopeless.

So, what can you do if you’re feeling hopeless?

  1. Get professional help (therapist, psychiatrist, coach)
  2. Ask your friends and family for their emotional support. Tell them what you need.
  3. Give yourself a break; Self-compassion is a key element when you feel hopeless.
  4. Counteract thoughts of “Why Bother” or “Fuck It” with “I can handle this” and “I am a BadAss”
  5. Get quiet and pray/meditate/connect to Spirit; This spiritual presence is with you, no matter what, even if you don’t believe in it. Do yourself a favor and lean on it.
  6. Know that “This too shall pass”

You are stronger than you think you are.

If you need support contact me. I got you.

Until next week…


My name is Nancy McKay and I help women who are worried about their drinking and want want to explore what living without alcohol feels like. I help them face their fears of living life differently. I've been sober since March 14, 2009 and I've been where you are.

Interested to find out if coaching is right for you?

If you’re looking for a coach that will inspire, motivate and empower you AND that knows how you feel – we should talk. 

Here's what one of my client's had to say:

“Nancy provided coaching during a challenging time in my life. She listened and shared insight to help me gain perspective. Working with Nancy was amazing! I will be forever grateful.” 

I’m here for you when you’re ready…

If you think you’ve had enough, I invite you to choose you, once and for all. See what getting support feels like by scheduling a complimentary assessment call. Click the button below.


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