“Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self-esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls – they give us hope!”

~ Toni Robinson

You’ll discover yourself, because horses just don’t lie

Horses always respond positively to the truth because once the truth is spoken, an immediate relaxation comes over the human body.

Being present and authentic

My intention is that my clients will be able to gain self-discovery through their relationship with the horse. I ask them to be present in the moment and to get grounded in their true nature and strength. If they are experiencing painful feelings, I ask that they don’t transfer them onto the horse. I help them own it and feel it for themselves. When the client is willing to accept this discomfort, and are truly present, they will experience a moment when the answer will come from deep within their inner wisdom.

Intentions & possibilities

As such, my clients truly discover parts of themselves that have been lost. The horse engages and moves with them in a way that is beautiful to watch. When the client holds their intentions and concentrates on the possibilities, their heart is opened by the horse every time.

Pure connection

It is only by being present in the moment that one can distinguish between a fear-based state of being and an authentic state of expression. I have experienced reaching that authentic state of expression while working with a horse, and the feeling is one of pure connection.

My intention…

It is my intention to create programs in the near future where, with the help of horses, I will be able to help women discover themselves in an even deeper way. Stay tuned!

My name is Nancy McKay and I love to help women discover the gifts of recovery. I guide them to transform their lives, once and for all.  Over-drinking is a symptom of a bigger issue. I have been sober for over ten years and I’ve been where you are. I found my courage and strength and I guide my clients to discover theirs, too.

Interested to find out if coaching is right for you?

If you’re looking for a coach that will inspire, motivate and empower you AND that knows how you feel -we should talk. Helping women make a shift in their thinking and in their lives thrills me to pieces and drives everything I do.

Here’s what one of my client’s had to say:

“Nancy provided coaching during a challenging time in my life. She listened and shared insight to help me gain perspective. Working with Nancy was amazing! I will be forever grateful.” 

Your Life. Your Choice


I’m here for you when you’re ready…

I invite you to choose you, once and for all. See what getting support feels like by scheduling a complimentary assessment call. Click the button below.

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