We’re Only As Sick As Our Secrets

Are you keeping a secret?



Keeping Secrets Can Hurt Us…

  • You hear “We’re only as sick as our secrets” a lot in the recovery community. It means that any secret we keep in the dark grows and becomes more harmful. Once it’s exposed to the light, or released, its power is lost.
  • Secrets, also known as shame, can create negative self-talk and self -loathing and can keep us active in our addictions.
  • Being honest with ourselves is critical to recovery


Secrets, Stigma & Shame…

  • The stigma of alcoholism will only be eliminated when those of us in recovery speak up and expose this “secret” to the light.
  • The less we talk about shame, the more control it has over our lives.
  • Brene’ Brown writes in her book, Daring Greatly, “Yes, the shame is tough to talk about. But the conversation isn’t nearly as dangerous as what we’re creating with our silence! We all experience shame. We’re all afraid to talk about it. And, the less we talk about it, the more we have it.”

What can you do this week to eliminate or lessen your shame? Do you have someone in your life that deserves to hear your secrets?


My name is Nancy McKay and I love to help women discover the gifts of recovery. I guide them to transform their lives, once and for all.  Over-drinking is a symptom of a bigger issue. I have been sober for over ten years and I've been where you are. I found my courage and strength and I guide my clients to discover theirs, too.

If you think you have a drinking problem, you probably do. Here's why, people who don't have a problem, don't wonder if they do. You don't have to face this alone, and as a matter of fact, you shouldn't.

If you feel you are at risk for alcohol withdrawal symptoms, please contact a medical professional.

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I invite you to choose you, once and for all.

Here's what one of my client's had to say:

“Nancy provided coaching during a challenging time in my life. She listened and shared insights to help me gain perspective. Working with Nancy was amazing! I will be forever grateful.”

Your Life. Your Choice


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