The need to simplify is what’s on my mind today…

Almost five years ago we moved into our house that was built in 1996. Evidently we didn’t reduced the amount of stuff we brought, because it has become painfully apparent that we need to eliminate more. It’s amazing what will encourage you to simplify. We’ve done a few things to the house, new paint, new window coverings, and a new patio last year. Now that we’ve finished the Master Bath remodel, we’re finally going to replace the carpeting that is original to the house.

Twenty-three years is a long time for carpeting. If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you know that it’s really important that this old, now badly pet stained carpet, get the heave ho. Rest assured, precautions have been taken to quarantine the little white dogs.

Where are the carpet fairies?

Here’s the rub, though. You must prepare to have your home re-carpeted. It’s not as if the carpet fairies come in the middle of the night and magically lift everything while you’re sleeping, lay the pad and carpet, and then gently lower the furniture down before you wake up.

No. You must pack up all the knick-knack nonsense, so nothing gets broken when they move the furniture. Thank God they move the furniture.

What the hell was I thinking?

A four bedroom house seemed like a good idea at the time. Since we’re the only  two people living here, we’ve delegated two of the bedrooms for other use.

We do have one lovely guest room that will see a lot of company in August, but before the new carpet unfortunately.

One gals “craft” is another gals “crap”.

One of the spare rooms has been turned into the “craft” room. My loom, needlepoint projects, sewing machine and other miscellaneous crafty things live here.

Jimmy retrofitted the closet with shelving to accommodate storage for years-worth of magazines about weaving, gardening, needlepoint and general crafting. And today, I’ve gone through everything so that the shelving can be removed for the closet to be re-carpeted along with the room.

I am determined to simplify and, as a result, am being ruthless in my sorting. I have to be because I sure as hell do not want to put back nearly what I’m taking out of that room.

Corporate HQ

The other spare room is my office. Corporate HQ for Amazing Outlook Coaching, LLC. Impressive, to be sure.

Well, the dogs are impressed. At least I think they are. I’d ask but they’re sleeping.

Jimmy retrofitted this closet with shelves too, which will also need to be dismantled and removed for the new carpet. Fortunately, I recently weeded out this closet so it’s just a matter of packing up lots of books and supplies to be moved temporarily.

But, Maybe, Someday?

I try not to collect and hang on to everything that comes through the door, truly, but evidently, I must, because going through this exercise is overwhelming and it is creating undo stress.

I find I have the “but maybe I’ll need it someday” thought…Oh boy – I know what that means – I have a thought that I can do some self-coaching on!

This is great news, because I know I’ll be able to get to the bottom of that false belief quickly.

Why, Dear God, Why?

This brings me to another question – why do we accumulate all this “stuff”? Are we trying to fill a void?

Ooooohhhhh, another thought!

Seriously, I told Jimmy the other day, in anticipation of having to box everything up, that I thought it sounded appealing to be able to simplify our lives and live without so much damn stuff.

The things that I’ve collected and have hung onto over the years is ridiculous. I haven’t even told you about what’s stored in our unfinished basement.

Let’s simplify!

So, what about you? Are you holding onto things that no longer serve you? If you have thoughts about your “stuff” let’s unpack them, so you can live more simply, too.

My name is Nancy McKay and I coach women, most of them are over 50, who have gone through a major change in their lives and don’t know what to do next. They feeling lost and afraid because they don’t know what their future looks like. I help them figure out how to feel happy and at peace with their life.

Interested to find out if coaching is right for you?

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One of best compliments I’ve received was “You helped me in seeing things from a different lens – I can’t believe I learned so much in one meeting!  I can’t wait to see what else I learn from you.” Helping women make a shift in their thinking and in their lives thrills me to pieces and drives everything I do.

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