Today, I wanted to share 8 ways I know from experience can help you show up fully in life so that you really can feel happier and more inspired. They help and I believe they will help you, too.

Here they are:

  1. Get clear on what you want
  2. Be accountable
  3. Be authentic
  4. Be of Service
  5. Show Compassion
  6. Be Grateful
  7. Be Nice
  8. Have Fun

Get Clear on What You Want

For me, knowing what I really wanted out of life took a while.  I’m a recovering people-pleaser, so identifying what was important to me was a little difficult.  I was clear on my values though and that helped me identify how I wanted to show up and be seen. You can use the list of core values below to help get you started.

Be Accountable

I find that if I’m accountable to someone other than myself I will follow through on what I say I’m going to do. This has been very helpful in all the training I’ve been doing – there’s always someone ready and willing to keep me on track which makes it so much easier for me to show up fully, each and every day.

Be Authentic

Seems easy, right?

But, if you’re anything like me, it’s hard to be authentic if you’re trying to please everyone else.  This is where Step 1 comes in handy and why it’s first.

Get grounded in who you are, find your voice and use it. Then get out there and SHOW UP as the real and totally brilliant YOU!

Be of Service

This one is self-explanatory – help a sister out, won’t you? Lend a hand without being asked. One of the best things about being of service is it gets you out of your own head.

Helping someone is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Show Compassion

Not everyone is as lucky as you are and you’re not as lucky as some others.  Everyone, and I mean everyone has a challenge that we may know nothing about – just like you most likely do.

Compassion is different than sympathy and very different than pity. Just be kind to everyone and don’t forget yourself!

Be Grateful

This is my favorite go-to for feeling good.  List ten things you’re grateful for – go on, I’ll wait. There, feel better? Here’s several of my top never changing items:

  • My sobriety
  • I’m cancer free
  • My husband, Jimmy
  • My unwavering faith in myself

Be Nice

Again, self-explanatory. Don’t be an ass. Say please and thank you. Hold the door for the next guy.

Truly, what goes around comes around. Karma can be a bitch.

So, show up as the kind, caring soul that you are and help make this world a better place for us all.

Have Fun!

This should be easy – but we all need to be reminded, at least I do, to build in fun every day. I’m not terribly consistent and that will be something I’ll need to discuss with my accountability partners! This week I’ll be in San Diego for my first onsite Equus Coach training session – fun is on the agenda – big time. Horses! Yippee!!

Have a fabulous week friends and please drop a comment below or an email and let me know what you want more of in your life. What are your values?  What are you grateful for?  And what the hell are you going to do for fun this week?

My name is Nancy McKay and I coach women, most of them are over 50, who are going though a major transition in their lives and don’t know what the hell happened. They’re feeling lost and afraid because they don’t know what their future looks like. I help them figure out how to feel happy and at peace with their life.

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One of best compliments I’ve received was “You helped me in seeing things from a different lens – I can’t believe I learned so much in one meeting!  I can’t wait to see what else I learn from you.” Helping women make a shift in their thinking and in their lives thrills me to pieces and drives everything I do.

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Core Values List

Authenticity                                    Achievement                                    Adventure

Authority                                        Autonomy                                         Balance

Beauty                                             Boldness                                            Compassion

Challenge                                        Citizenship                                        Community

Competency                                    Contribution                                     Creativity

Curiosity                                         Determination                                    Fairness

Faith                                                Fame                                                 Friendships

Fun                                                  Growth                                              Happiness

Honesty                                           Humor                                               Influence

Inner Harmony                                Justice                                                Kindness

Knowledge                                      Leadership                                        Learning

Love                                              Loyalty                                             Meaningful Work

Openness                                         Optimism                                          Peace

Pleasure                                           Poise                                                Popularity

Recognition                                      Religion                                             Reputation

Respect                                            Responsibility                                    Security

Self-Respect                                    Service                                               Spirituality

Stability                                           Success                                                Status

Trustworthiness                               Wealth                                                 Wisdom


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