A New Day Is Dawning

It’s always a happy day when I get to love on my horse buddies, Gambler & Chance. I am completely present when I’m with them. No phone in hand, just communicating with the horse and listening to instructions from my friend, Leni. Pure joy.

I’m looking forward to spending more time with them after April 15th, my last day at my corporate job! I’ve decided it’s time to retire and focus on this coaching side-hustle full time. My friend Janet says I’m not retiring, I’m rewiring. I like that!

I’m rewiring to my new career. I’m following instructions on how to schedule my time for the business building tasks that will make my coaching practice successful. I have every intention it will flourish. I have absolutely no reason to believe that it won’t. Because I believe in myself and my dream. Boom.

One of my other intentions is to take better care of myself, much better care. I am already blocking out time on my calendar every morning, beginning April 16th, that used to be used getting ready for and driving to my day job – plus a bit extra, to meditate, move my body and eat a proper breakfast.

This is a steep learning curve for me – you see, I’ve always treated my responsibilities to others as much more important than the responsibility I have to myself. If I’m not careful, it would be way too easy to get up, grab a cup of coffee (or actually, to be very honest, wait for Jimmy to bring me a cup-which he does every single morning – I’m spoiled, don’tcha know), brush my teeth, and walk down the hall to my “office” and start working on my website or sending emails, or whatever it’s going to take to build my business, just like I do now on Friday’s.

Well, that shit is coming to an end very soon.

You know, we all deserve to take the time to take care of ourselves – and I would suspect that most of you do.

I have just had one hell of a hard time starting my day the right way before my alarm goes off at 4:15 am! This nice size block of time that I’m giving myself every morning feels like a luxury to me, but I’m re-framing that story. The new story is “I am worthy and this is not an option”.

I have neglected this part of myself for far too long, and I have the aches, pains and extra weight to show for it. I want to have a long career helping as many women as possible, not to mention spending a long and lovely life with Jimmy, and neither of those things will happen if I don’t start treating myself better, and with love and compassion.

These are new skills for me too, loving myself and self compassion. I’ve just started embracing these in the past year.

Once again, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

I am embracing my training as a Certified Mind-Body-Eating Coach as well as utilizing Susan Hyatt’s fabulous new book, BARE, to guide me along. Let me know if you want to join me!

Martha Beck says when you want to manifest something you set your intentionpay it attention, and feel no tension waiting for the result ~ so that’s exactly what I’m going to do with all of my intentions!!! Let’s do this!

What’s your intention for the week? Shoot me a comment!!

Until next Sunday,



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