Mistakes, Celebrations…and a little Demolition!

This has been quite a week. A week of extreme weather, celebrations, mistakes, lots of learning and today a little demolition.

  • Wednesday, a bomb cyclone brought conditions similar to a category 1 hurricane to Denver and the Front Range. Snow and lots of wind – lots of wind! It was quite something, but not the worst I’ve seen.
  • Thursday, I was delighted if not just a little blown away to celebrate 10 years of sobriety. I’ve written about this recently, so I won’t go into it again except to say that I haven’t done anything for 10 years (unless you count my love for Jimmy – that’s a record at over 21 years). I have the self discipline of a gnat, so obviously I had a lot of help, divine and human, and I am grateful for everyone I’ve trudged the road with.
  • Friday, well, Friday was another fucking opportunity for growth. It wasn’t a total wash, but it started with me not hitting the fucking “record” button on my Zoom call with my Power Group. It’s been a long time since I’ve had that wrenching, stomach turning feeling you get when you really mess up and there’s nothing you can do except own it, apologize for it and say “FUCK” a lot. I’m grateful to be working with four amazingly gracious women in this training.
  • Saturday brought homework and more homework, both for my marketing class and for my upcoming equus coach training. I have to say, this “old dog” is learning plenty of new tricks and I’m so grateful that I want to. My Power Group friends, and they are certainly becoming friends, are giving me so much ~ invaluable feedback on my copywriting, directions using Canva for creating great marketing materials (thank you Njeri & Jan Marie) to Kelsey posting her interesting article “How do you fit in with the Four Tendencies”. Hopefully I’m shifting from an “Obliger” to a “Questioner”. Read Kelsey’s article to decifer these tendencies.
  • Today, Jimmy is very busy demolishing our master bath. No turning back now. It’s only been one day and already I’ll be glad when this project is finished. It’s going to be fabulous!

So, friends, how was your week? Any celebrations? Learning Opportunities? Demolition? Please leave me a note below so I know that somebody is reading this riveting blog 😉

Until next Sunday,



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