Yep! Another New Adventure!

As you may know, I am embarking on yet another new adventure – that of becoming an Equus Coach. I’m delighted that I will be adding this training from Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching to my life coach training from the Martha Beck Institute. I will be able to develop this additional offering in my coaching practice.

Equus Coaching is an opportunity for someone to work with a horse (on the ground) to gain a tangible, physical understanding of their own energy and the ways their inner dialogue impacts all areas of their lives.

I was visiting with my neighbor, Leni, this afternoon while she was teaching me some horsemanship skills in preparation for my training. I told her that I absolutely delight in the fact that I am taking this on at this stage of my life, and especially with so little horse experience in my background. This is so unexpected that I truly believe that I am supposed to be around horses in my work.

I can’t explain it really, but when I’m around these horses, Gambler and Chance, my entire body relaxes. This is really important,  I’m learning, when you’re working with a horse – because horses don’t lie!

Horses only reflect the truth of the present moment. They will consistently mirror back to you the variations of the ripple effect your inner dialog is having on you and others in your surrounding environment.

I’ve been following another Master Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, Susan Hyatt who sent this to my email box today:

“Safe is the mud that keeps you stuck. Brave is the rain that washes the road clean, clearing the path to the life that you crave.”

Here’s my question to you ~ what delights you? Are you trying something new? Or are you playing it safe?

So, as Susan suggests, do something – today – to shift your world from safe to brave. Doesn’t have to be big – a tweet, an outfit, a letter to your Mayor or your member of Congress.

I’m playing with horses. You?

Until next Sunday sweet peeps,




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