“I exist in perpetual creative response to whatever is present” ~ Amrit Desai Gurudev

In other words, “go with the flow”. This is easier for me now than it used to be. I’ve learned how to let go of results, I just don’t always do it.

When you look at the long road ahead and think “What’s the point – I’ll never get there” giving up before you even try. If you take one small step in the right direction, over and over, eventually you’ll get where you want to go.

I’ve learned to take “turtle steps”. I’ve learned that doing anything big should be broken down into chunks. I’m talking about cleaning out your closet, organizing your office, starting a new athletic activity, starting a new career in your sixties.

Remember, you eat an elephant one bite at a time.

In choosing to pursue a new career I didn’t just quit my job and hang out my Life Coach shingle. I’ve been trained and am training some more (and more). I’m learning new things everyday.

I’ve hired my own coach mentor. I’m working part-time at my day job until I feel ready to retire. I’m doing the work. I’m building momentum, I’m creating my life. And I try to roll with the punches along the way. I try to “exist in perpetual creative response to whatever is present”. I won’t give up my dream.

If you’re trying out something new, just for today, take that one small step towards your desire. Give yourself permission to do it your way. Don’t listen to the critics. Connect to your best self.

If you’re feeling stuck, leave me a note or schedule a complementary mini session so we can get started uncovering your dreams.


Be Brave ~ Dream Big.

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