My Intention For Today…And Always

A few days ago I had my last tele-class with my MBI classmates marking the end of our nine month training to become a Martha Beck Wayfinder (aka Life Coach). This ending is bittersweet – and I’m echoing the sentiments of many of my classmates here by saying we are feeling sadness, excitement, nervousness, joy and overwhelm. Not to mention a bit of emptiness when Thursday rolls around and there is no class to call into.

Everyone, without exception, has expressed enormous gratitude for our Master Coaches and for each other, not to mention Martha herself. We have forged meaningful friendships, many without laying eyes on each other and many which undoubtedly will last a lifetime. This tribe is full of strong, funny, lovable, supportive, amazing women, and a few men.

We have all gone through significant changes and growth. Some of my classmates chose to enroll in this program for personal development with no intention of making this a career choice. Many of us intend to utilize this training to change directions in our careers or enrich an existing one. Rest assured, all of us will be making a difference in the world, one way or another, whether we get paid for it or not.

I have clarity around my priorities now that I didn’t have before. I have more confidence and less need to be a people-pleaser.

My intention is to live my life with gratitude and abundance, to do more of the things that bring me joy and less of the things that don’t.

I will help lots of women do this too.  Imagine – Lots of Women – Full of Joy!

I have been given the gifts of desperation and grace. I will not waste them. (I am a badass, after all).

My intention for the holiday week is to let go of expectations, be present, relax and enjoy myself ~ and that is my wish for you too.


Have a Merry Christmas and an Abundant New Year!

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