Reminiscing With A Vision For The Future

Today’s post is dedicated to my Mom, Mary. November 27th is my “Mother’s Day”. This year will mark the 87th anniversary of her birth and the 23rd anniversary of her death. She was 64 years old. She was a beautiful, funny, smart and compassionate woman. She was a good Mom – imperfections and all. She did the best she could. She was an RN and retired from Gates Medical Clinic just months before she died.  Because of her early demise due to metastatic lung cancer, she left many dreams unfulfilled.


Mary Catherine Ingling McKay November 27, 1931 – November 27, 1995

My own history with ovarian cancer gives me the opportunity to reflect on the importance of pursuing your dreams and passions and not putting these off until “someday” when you have the time or money.

Last year we lost a dear friend who we all thought would outlive us all. He seemed to be in perfect health – certainly the healthiest among us. He was a long distance runner, who ran 38 miles every week, up Vail pass and back. He had a fatal heart attack at the end of a run. I know he left many things undone because he thought he had all the time in the world.

We DO NOT have this luxury! None of us know what the next moment, day, week or year have in store for us. My mantra is becoming “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you want to do today”.

Which brings me to this….

In addition to the amazing training that I have completed, am still engaged in, and will embark on next year, I am including one of my Mom’s dreams to one of mine – a trip to South Africa.

My Mom wanted to go to South Africa on a safari to see the amazing animals for as long as I can remember. It just so happens that Martha Beck does an African STAR (A Self-Transformation Adventure Retreat) trip every year and I will be applying for the 2020 retreat. My Mom will be with me when I embark on this adventure ~ for both of us!

As you can see by the picture of the vision board at the top of this post that I’ve just completed, this adventure to South Africa is quite prominent along with my desire to work with horses and to help women flourish and create their best lives.



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