The way we learned to survive may not be

the way we want to continue to live our lives.

Are you ready to rock recovery

Download my guide to take an honest look at your relationship with alcohol.

Overdrinking Guide

You're not alone.


I’ve been right where you are. 

I reinvented my life after I turned 60.

I've survived growing up in an alcoholic household, alcohol abuse, cancer and have not only survived but have thrived, not inspite of these things, but because of them. I transformed my life and trained as a life coach who helps women recover from what life has handed them, so they can thrive again. (Some people would call that a shit sandwich…)

You deserve to experience confidence and self-compassion as you go through the three phases of change: Truth, Transformation and Thriving. You deserve  to have a safe space to express your fears and learn effective tools to help you learn your truth, transform and thrive again. 

Chances are you’ve spent most of your life taking care of other people to the detriment of your own well being. Choosing you, for possibly the first time, may be difficult for you. You are not used to investing in yourself and your own wellbeing. I’ve see you and I’ve got you.  

I’m so committed to supporting women like you. 

My coaching is confidential and compassionate, allowing you a safe space for  discovery. We'll work as a team to uncover what is behind your thoughts, beliefs  and behaviors, so you can start creating a new amazing outlook and inspired future. I work with women  across the country via zoom, and I also offer in person Equus Coaching® in the Denver metro area.

I'd love to help you recover your true self.

Here's what happy clients have to say…

“Nancy truly helped me reach life changing goals. I am learning to embrace my own inner voice thanks to her coaching. I am learning how to speak my truth and it feels wonderful! I also did an Equus session and  it was an invaluable experience.”

~ Amy, Colorado

“Not only has Nancy helped me to recognize how I use alcohol and how to find the courage to quit drinking, she has done it without judgement. I especially like Nancy’s honesty, and directness. I have learned to be more aware, curious, and to use the tools Nancy taught me to build a new life. I think everyone should have a life coach because it's more than getting sober and it's all the other stuff that comes afterwards. Nancy is terrific and I highly recommend her!” 

~ Tracy, California

“Before I started working with Nancy, I was overwhelmed with my drinking. Now, I have a thought process to keep in mind. I gained so much value from Nancy’s coaching. It’s important to have someone to be honest with and to better understand what I’m dealing with.”  

~Bridges, Arizona

“When I started working with Nancy, I was so confused, lost, an empty shell, fearful and anxious. It seemed that my life was at a standstill and there seemed to be no way out. As we met every week and began to talk through things there seem that there was some light at the end of the tunnel. Because, I trusted Nancy, I was able to really bring to surface many issues that I have kept buried inside me and with her help, I am beginning the process of letting go and the awareness of what has been holding me back for a very long time. You helped me return to my body, which I was not aware that I was not living there.”

~ Holly, Colorado

“Before I started coaching with Nancy, I felt stuck in my thinking and didn’t really have a constructive way to move forward. Now I have a way to shift my thinking so that I can better understand my actions, or what they could be based on the situation. I also have a purpose to journaling; to dump it all out so I can see where my thinking is and change directions as needed. The most value I’ve gotten from the coaching is having Nancy ask me questions about the situation at hand, which helps me think about things in a different way to help me find a path forward.”

~ Waunetah, California

Working with Nancy has been an eye opening and very empowering experience. She made me aware that my thoughts create my outcome in ALL aspects of my life. She has made me much more aware of all my thoughts and that I am in charge of those thoughts! I can decide what I believe! I see this one realization as changing my entire life. Of course, it is a slow process and I still slip up a lot, but I also now have tools to take me where I want to go. I just love knowing that I have a wise ally to help navigate the tough stuff and cheer me on! 

~ Kris, Colorado

This is the one life you've got. Are you ready to grow?

Now is the time to take the first step, to explore your thoughts and beliefs, identify the ones that are holding you back and discover a new way of showing up in your life.

“Tell me, what are you going to do with your one wild and precious life?”

~ Mary Oliver

You are worth this work.

Truth, Transformation, Thrive!

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